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Meeting Recap: 3/19 Telephone Town Hall

Our first telephone town hall meeting attracted more than 6,000 callers on Thursday evening, March 19. We’re pleased with the overwhelming response to the Go Hillsborough project, and the amount of participation we’ve seen. Clearly, people want their voices and choices heard, and they appreciate the opportunity to speak with county and city leaders with first-hand knowledge of our transportation issues. During the telephone meeting, 31 ca...

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TAMPA BAY TIMES: Public input helps shape Hillsborough transportation plan

If it wasn't clear before that voters in different parts of the county have different transportation needs, it is now.

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TAMPA TRIBUNE: More than 6,000 participate in transportation call-in event

Litha wanted to know why she and other older citizens can’t find good transportation to nursing homes. Paulette asked if there were any plans for mass transit from Brandon to downtown Tampa. And Marilynn wanted to know how the public can be heard on transportation issues facing Hillsborough County. Those were some of the questions answered live by Hillsborough officials Thursday night in the first of four telephone town halls dealing with ...

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MEETING RECAP: New Tampa, Temple Terrace and Lutz

Last week, our GO Hillsborough team talked with people from New Tampa, Temple Terrace, Lutz and surrounding areas. These open-ended conversations, led by residents like you, covered a wide range of issues, from the amount of road construction to the possibility of expanding existing transit services.

In New Tampa and Temple Terrace, roads and transit aren’t the only issues that concern residents. They also want to better e...

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TAMPA TRIBUNE: Hillsborough transportation debate takes to the phones

For at least two years, an ongoing debate has raged about the future of Hillsborough County’s transportation system. The often-robust discussions have been held in meeting rooms, on social media and on newspaper editorial pages. But so far, most county residents have not participated, apart from discussions in the supermarket or around water coolers.

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TAMPA BAY TIMES: Dangerous intersection

Last week I went to a Go Hillsborough meeting in South Tampa. I had one item I wanted to discuss: the deadly intersection at Bayshore Boulevard and Rome Avenue. Numerous elected officials were there, and privately they all agreed that the intersection is extremely dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. It needs a traffic signal and a proper crosswalk.

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Meetings Recap: Understanding the Issues, March 6

With about a half dozen GO Hillsborough workshops complete, the transportation wants and needs of our neighbors are starting to take shape. We’re appreciative that so many people – 600 so far - have joined us for these open-ended conversations, which are being held throughout the county and cities. We’re also pleased that representatives from area media outlets are attending the informational sessions and sharing the informatio...

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TAMPA TRIBUNE: Workshop explores Hillsborough transportation improvements

A train of red dots chugged down the columns marked “intersection improvements,” “resurfacing,” and “expanded service” for buses when dozens came out Tuesday night to learn about plans for county transportation improvements.

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ABC ACTION NEWS: Traffic congestion complaints? Hillsborough County wants to hear from you

Congestion and bus service are among the biggest complaints Hillsborough County Commissioner Sandy Murman hears about public transit at Go Hillsborough workshops.

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MEETING RECAP: West Tampa - Understanding the Issues, Feb. 17

Last night, we kicked off the first of 36 interactive workshops. With more than 45 people in attendance, the momentum was clear. It was raining cats and dogs outside yet all of these citizens joined us anyway.

We heard many opinions about what our Community Transportation Plan should look like, including choices that could positively impact their lives every day. Citizens were eager to prioritize their preferred projects, and there w...

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