Our community is facing some tough choices related to the very complex issue of transportation. Quite simply, we are experiencing significant shortfalls in funding just as our population is expanding and our congestion is rapidly increasing, putting greater pressure on our already declining transportation system. The reality is that unless we come together and deal with this right away, our quality of life — our time with friends and family– and our economic stability are threatened.

“I’m always late for my daughter’s soccer game.”, “My road was just widened but I’m still sitting in traffic every morning.”, “I never see my grandchildren because my son had to move for a better job.”, “I have to move to another state because my company is leaving the community.”, “I can’t find a job in my chosen field.”, “I leave early and stay late just so I don’t have to sit in traffic.”, “I can’t ride my bike because I’m worried about all the drivers on the road.”, “I work all the time because I can’t find or keep qualified employees.”, “I can’t pick up my son on time and that costs me more in daycare.”

Your Voices. Your Choices.

Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or moved here and raised your family, Tampa/Hillsborough County is your community, and we need your voice. Beginning in mid-February 2015, our GO Hillsborough team will host 36 open house style workshops in or near your neighborhood to understand your transportation needs and realities, to explore options that make sense in your daily lives, and to help you weigh in on some hard choices as we move forward. Each of these sessions is designed to be highly participatory and interactive and will build upon the previous one.

The GO Hillsborough team has expertise in all modes of transportation, but no preconceived notions or plans for Hillsborough County. Ultimately, we are – together – creating recommendations that reflect consensus around a COMMUNITY TRANSPORTATION PLAN that you can support and help implement – a plan that will make a positive difference in your life.

Please join us at any and all of these meetings. (Each meeting will have a “catchup kiosk” for those of you who may be unable to attend or just need a reminder about the discussions and complex issues that surround transportation.)

Also, join us online on Facebook, Twitter and our specially designed I-Neighborhood Project App, or call in during one of the four telephone town hall meetings we will host or leave a comment at 813-274-6922. The GO Hillsborough team will be frequently updating and checking in on all of our social media, so please check in often.

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